Witnesses Sought for Trial #1

If the city is decides to carry their charade through to jury trials in early 2008 the five people will need people to witnessed them before and during their arrests to take the stand as witnesses. If you or someone you know witnessed the events leading up to the arrests of the people in the video below please contact us at mpls-cm-supportarroba1.gifriseup.net

#1 – The man who appears in the video below in the olive green t-shirt with a small red and black backpack, brown pants, and blond dreadlocks who bikes near the cop car and takes the picture in this video was later arrested. He was arrested at the rear of the mass near the Super America gas station soon after the mass started to disperse after the first police aggression. He was half blind from mace when he dropped straight down to the street convulsing with electric shock from a projectile taser bolt, howling in pain. As he lay prone on his belly a cop slammed his knee against his head to pin him against the street and placed him in handcuffs while a female officer stood on his hair. Please contact us if you were a witness to these events.


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