Thursday, January 24, 2008 – Show your support for the Critical Mass arrestees!

Show your support for the Critical Mass arrestees on Thursday, January 24, 2008 (the day before the next CM ride)!

At 10 AM at the Government Center (300 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487) lawyers will be asking the court to require the city to turn over information they believe is needed for the defense of those arrested during the August 31st Critical Mass ride. So far, the city has refused to turn over critical information such as prior records of police officers involved, intelligence information, internal communications about the incident, and information about the use of tasers and pepper spray.

A large showing of support at this hearing will send a clear message to the city that this issue is not one that will fall silently out of the public eye, encourage a ruling in favor of the defendants, and put pressure on the city’s lawyers to do what is right and drop the charges before the upcoming trial dates. The closer the jury trial dates come, the more important it is for the community to show support for the defendants who are only facing charges so that the city can save face and attempt to justify the excessively brutal actions of the police against unarmed citizens.

There will be people stationed at the information desk on the main level to direct supporters to the correct room and you can also ask to see the criminal jury trial calendar. Please come a bit early to allow time to find the room and get through security. Food and drink is not allowed in the court room and all supporters will have to pass through a metal detector. While in court, supporters must remain silent and will not be allowed to carry signs through the security station; the strength of our collective presence will send the message we need to send. Bring your friends and co-workers to support bicycle, civil, and human rights!


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