Monday, April 7th, 9:15 AM – First Critical Mass Jury Trial

On Monday, April 7th, a full seven months after the police rioted in the streets, maced, tased, threw to the ground, and used pain compliance holds on hundreds of bicyclists , the first of the four people that the city is trying to scapegoat for their own brutal actions will appear in a trail before a jury of his peers. Gus Ganley will arrive Monday morning with his lawyer from the National Lawyers’ Guild and the citizens who support him so that the cops and the city can try to save face and have someone else to blame for their own misconduct.

Just as it is plain that the city with its helicopter, undercover officers, and specific targets had pre-planned the brutal attack on the 8.31.07 critical mass ride, it is also plain that we have to pre-plan our support of those people being scapegoated by the city. The lawyers, defendants, and their families can’t do this alone and shouldn’t have to. A large showing of public support will send the clear message to the city that this issue is not one that will fall silently out of the public eye as well as encourage a verdict in favor of the defendants.

Don’t let the city get away with its attempt to intimidate political speech by bringing unsupported charges against a few individuals. Plan on coming to show your support for Gus Ganley, the first person to go to trial, on Monday, April 7th at 9:15 AM. Bring your own friends, family, and co-workers to support bicycle, civil, and human rights and don’t let political oppression go unchallenged!


Arrive before 9:15 to give time to get through the security checkpoint. The Hennepin County Government Center is located at 300 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487. Ask at the information desk where to find the trial of Augustin Ganley. Food and drink is not allowed in the court room and all supporters will have to pass through a metal detector. While in court, supporters must remain silent and will not be allowed to carry signs through the security station; the strength of our collective presence will send the message we need to send.

Note: Gus’ full trial will most likely last several days and you are encouraged to attend as much of it as you can. Monday morning the courtroom and judge will be assigned at 9:15, the jury will be chosen, and the trial will begin later in the day. If you cannot attend this important trial, please consider donating money using the button to your right.


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