Critical Mass Trial – Day 4 (4.11.08)

The trial of Gus Ganley continued on Friday with witnesses for Gus’ defense being called to the stand. Ten different eyewitnesses testified to the series of events around Gus’ arrest and the August Critical Mass as a whole. Unlike the contradictory police accounts, the testimony from the eyewitnesses directly correlated with video and photographs taken at the mass. Witnesses testified to the aggressive police presence throughout the mass and their brutal misconduct during the ensuing police riot. It also became plainly obvious that the interactions between officer Craig Williams (#7769) and Gus which Williams claimed took place couldn’t have happened and are not shown in any of the many video recordings of Gus’ arrest. As the city’s accusations against Gus became less and less believable with each new eyewitness, the prosecuting lawyer asked fewer and fewer questions to the point where he didn’t even bother to cross examine the final witnesses who took the stand.

The city’s case seems to be completely unraveling but Gus isn’t out of hot water yet! The trial will resume on Monday, April 14th, at 9 AM and it may be the final day of the trial. Don’t let the city and the police get away with scapegoating Gus and dragging him through this politically motivated waste of time. Supporters are welcome to attend Gus’ trial to show their solidarity as he stands up for what is right. Your donations are also EXTREMELY helpful to help cover the costs of Gus’ and others’ legal defense.

Details for supporters:

To enter the court room you must pass through the security checkpoint. The Hennepin County Government Center is located at 300 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487. The proceedings will begin at approx 9 AM in room 953 and continue throughout the day until up to 4:30 PM. If in doubt, ask at the information desk where to find the trial of Augustin Ganley. Visible food and drink is not allowed in the court room and all supporters will have to pass through a metal detector. While in court, supporters must remain silent and will not be allowed to carry signs through the security station; the strength of our collective presence will send the message needed.

Note: Proceedings may go beyond Monday and you may attend as much of it as you are able. If you cannot attend this important trial, please consider donating money using the button to your right.


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