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Coldsnap Legal Collective Coldsnap Legal Collective is a new legal collective formed in the Twin Cities to share knowledge, raise awareness, and develop a network of legal support and solidarity for the upcoming RNC and beyond. They have been doing “Know Your Rights” trainings aead of Critical Mass rides.

National Lawyers Guild MinnesotaNLG Lawyers have been and will be providing the legal defense of the arrestees. Their work has been absolutely critical in ensuring that those arrested get due process according to the law.

Communities United Against Police BrutalityCUAPB members were on the scene almost immediately on 8.31 to provide invaluable logistical support for the arrestees. They continue to be involved in advocating for the CM arrestees and other cases of police misconduct in the Twin Cities.

The RNC Welcoming CommitteeThe RNC-WC provided the infrastructure and meeting space for the immediate legal response to the police actions. Members continue to be involved in support for the arrestees and they made free bikes available to anyone who lost one in the police action.

BikeAmiciThanks to Bike Amici for helping this site get started and for guidance in the creation of the paypal donation button.  Bike Amici is a legal advocacy group that started when Stephan Orsak got tased, arrested, and charged with 5 counts for biking near the airport.

If your organization, group, or business is related to the events of 8.31 or the support of the arrestees and would like to be listed on this page please contact